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Arctic Fire
Video Documentation

“Arctic Fire” is an outdoor, interactive, installation created for Dashboard’s Winter Lights Project, "Prism" in downtown Atlanta.

The work appears as an enchanting, enigmatic beacon for the visitors of Woodruff Park. A large pyramid with a fire burning atop evokes alchemy and the endurance of an eternal flame. Viewers are invited to walk beneath, gaze up into the mesmerizing belly of the fire and share a sense of wonder.

The introduction of Fire in an urban space is a reminder of natural elements which are greater than us. The top of the Pyramid form is comprised of mirrored panels on the outside, which reflect the sky, surrounding nature and nearby buildings. The interior of the Pyramid is paneled in mirrored plexiglas which reflect a simulated fire, creating a dynamic reflection of the various elements within. Refracted patterns and light are layered with reflections of the viewer and the environment.