In constructing sculptures from materials that have both natural and manmade associations such as wood, mirrors, and light, I generate optically complex and mysterious works that describe an internal geography. Through making this work, I contemplate how environment psychologically impacts and determines my emotional “location,” and invite viewers to engage in a similar discovery process. The frenetic city where I currently live and the rural Southern terrain where I grew up act as points of departure for the work. The tension of resolving my relationship with these seemingly disparate elements dissolves into wonderment – as if by some alchemical process. At the nexus of these environments lies an “in-between,” third space, which is occupied by the sense of inhabiting two places at once, without quite feeling present in either.

Through the use of materials and subjects with multiple meanings, I construct sculptures that oscillate between object, landscape, portal, relic, and perhaps sci-fi fantasy. I draw on the symbolic and cultural associations my materials possess to construct contradictory relationships. Mirrored surfaces, for instance, have been mythically thought to offer portals to other worlds or to reveal the soul. In the current day, reflective surfaces are perhaps even more omnipresent in façades of contemporary skyscrapers. Light carries spiritual associations such as transcendence and the after-life, but also illuminates factories, industrial spaces. Drawings present in the work, handmade with liquid graphite, might easily be mistaken for computer-generated images.