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Venus' Looking Glass
Granite, Dichroic Film, Mirror, Dogwood, Grow Lights, Labor
125"w x 125"h x 40"d
Venus' Looking Glass Time-lapse
video documentation

“Venus’s Looking Glass” is a site-specific work created for the exhibition, “She Is Here”, which showcased work by female artists. The installation is a nod to cosmology, mythology and mother nature. A small slice of earth, which is revealed in the lower corner of the window, hints at the vast territory we tend to forget about when so focused on what’s happening at the surface. It serves as a reminder of just how insignificant we all are. The colored glazing of the glass offers an idealized view of the world in the face of chaos. The work changes throughout the day with the movement of the sun, another reminder of what is greater than us. In the morning, gold light filters into the room, casting a glow on the pile of rocks, symbolizing divinity, hope and the fantastic.