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Katonah Museum of Art, Public Commission, LED art, Light Art, outdoor sculpture, mirrors, spiritual art
Exo #6250, Public Commission for the Katonah Museum of Art

2016 Acrylic mirror, LED lights, UV ink, marine plywood, local gravel
240"w x 82"h x 144"w

About the Katonah Museum of Art Commission

The goal was to create a work that utilized the museum's site—particularly its outdoor space—in an unexpected, immersive, and transformative way. A site-specific work was created in response to the architecture of the museum and the surrounding lush grounds. Of particular interest and influence are Barnes’ consideration for a community’s experience and his aesthetic of strong diagonal forms combined with spare, thoughtful details. Through the use of reflective surfaces, light and earth-moving equipment, a visual and physical connection was created between Nature and the man-made world, a dominant theme in my work. With this installation, I endeavored to offer the public a moment of meditation through an outdoor public work, while honoring the esteemed architecture of Edward Larabee Barnes’s aesthetic and the beauty of the site itself.