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Untitled #80 (Brick)
Archival Print, face-mounted to plexiglas
32" x 50"
Untitled #60 detail (Small Leaves)
Archival Print
Face-mounted to plexiglass

The "Search Series", to which I credit traditional landscape painting as a point of departure, are a testimony to the sentiment humans sometimes experience of never quite feeling home. The Welsh have a word for it—Hiraeth—a longing for something, someone or a place that no longer, or never even existed. My work here represents a mapping, of not physical locations, but a terrain of dislocation, of patterns and forms that confound the natural world with that of the man-made world in hope of reaching a soothed soul.

It was at this time that one of my favorite activities, walking, became part of my work. I made my way through the city, or nature, collecting, sorting, assembling, documenting or simply mentally absorbing what I had experienced.